Insurance and liability

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All students enrolled at Technical University of Darmstadt (“TU Darmstadt”) shall be covered by a policy of statutory accident insurance within the scope of official sports activities offered by the University Sports Centre. A prerequisite is that accidents falling within the scope of statutory accident insurance coverage must be promptly reported in writing to the Studierendenwerk Darmstadt, Alarich-Weiss-Str. 3, Room 102, Telephone 06151/16-29954.

Statutory accident insurance for workers and employees of TU Darmstadt and Hochschule Darmstadt / University of Applied Sciences is governed by Book VII of the German Social Code (SGB VII). Accidents covered by statutory accident insurance pursuant to Art. 193 SGB VII must be reported by the respective supervisor via directorate VI A to Unfallkasse Hessen on an accident report form. A covered accident is an accident that occurs while a worker or employee participates in a sports programme offered by the University Sports Centre. For civil servants, accidents that occur within the scope of an activity offered by the University Sports Centre shall not be deemed workplace accidents.

Guests are generally not insured.


All participants who are not members of TU Darmstadt are regarded as Guests pursuant to insurance law. The same applies to family members of university members. TU Darmstadt shall not be held liable for Guests’ or other participants’ damage or loss occurring when taking part in sports activities offered by the University Sports Centre. Any additional liability by the University Sports Centre and its instructors and teachers to participants of University Sports activities is excluded. TU Darmstadt does not accept any liability for theft of or damage to personal possessions; participants are requested not to bring any valuables into the sports facilities.