Conditions of participation

The University Sports Centre’s sports activities are primarily intended for students, trainees and employees of TU Darmstadt. Registration is compulsory for all activities, including those free of charge. Without having registered you cannot attend courses. The ticket for the activity you have booked along with your student or staff ID card and a valid photo ID are required for admission and must be shown to the instructor upon request. Students, trainees and employees of TU Darmstadt can use the University Swimming Pool and the sports facilities in the University Stadium free of charge. Sports facilities occupied by University Sports programmes or fixed bookings have priority over free users.

Individuals unassociated with TU Darmstadt (“Guests”) can participate in classes with remaining spaces only. Registration for Guests is therefore only available at a later date.

Guests are required to purchase a Guest Card. The Guest Card allows individuals unassociated with TU Darmstadt to book sports courses. Moreover, holders of a Guest Card receive discounted admission to the University Stadium during the summer semester. The Guest Card can be purchased online or at the University Sports Centre’s office.

The semester fee for the Guests Card is as follows:

• Children up to and including the age of 8: €15

• Pupils and apprentices/trainees from 16 years of age: €22

• Students from other universities: €22

• Adults: €40

Separate terms apply for the use of the University Stadium and the University Swimming Pool. For further information see the sections “University Stadium”, “University Swimming Pool” and “Stadium Card”.

The sports activities offered by the University Sports Centre are intended for adults. Minors under the age of 16 may only participate in specially designated sports courses for children.

Participants of group fitness, combat sports and water sports activities require additional cards which can be purchased online or at the University Sports Centre’s office.

The costs for the Group Fitness Card, Combat Sports Card and Water Sports Card are as follows:

• Students of TU Darmstadt: €15

• Employees of TU Darmstadt: €22

• Guests: €25

The Unisport area cards also include the Unisport Guest Card and the Unisport Stadium Card.

Registration for ALL courses is necessary (both free of charge and subject to a fee) and must be completed online or at the University Sports Centre’s office (see „Registration“).

The University Sports Centre has the right to discontinue or cancel courses if the minimum number of participants is not reached. A prorated refund will only be made to the remaining participants if the sports activities offered by the University Sports Centre do not include alternatives to the cancelled course.

In the event individual classes are cancelled, participants shall not be entitled to any claim for compensation.

Eligibility to participate will be checked regularly. Please carry your ticket, your student or staff ID card and your photo ID with you at all times.

Our gyms and sports halls have limited capacities. Once maximum numbers are reached, University Sports Centre staff reserve the right to close the gym or sports hall and deny access to any additional participants.

Different insurance and liability regulations apply for each status group.

(see “Insurance and Liability“)