Sport Facility Hire

The booking of our facilities for athletes who want to do self-organized sports is possible in principle. Members of the TU Darmstadt have priority.

Please note that the program planning for the Unisport will always have priority. Only when all course dates are fixed, our sports facilities can be booked – provided free times!

  • Tennis courts and beach volleyball courts (fee required) can be booked ONLINE
  • Multifunctional field and football court (fee required) are assigned via the secretary's office .


When using sports facilities for self-organized groups, a responsible person books the respective space for a fee (either online or via the secretary's office). All participants of the group need an appropriate ticket or their student ID/ Athena card incl. photo ID for access to the stadium. Non-TU members have to pay admission to enter stadium (single or season ticket).

All bookings for these areas and the stadium ticket can be made online or at the USZ.

Further information can be found in the Stadium Fee Schedule .

Booking conditions

The person responsible for the booking makes an online reservation for the desired facility on payment of a fee. All participants of the group require a stadium card according to their status group (or their student/ staff ID card along with a valid photo ID), or must purchase a single entry ticket to the Stadium. All facilities and the stadium card can be booked online or at the University Sports Centre’s office.

Use of the University Stadium by schools

The use of the University Stadium (without swimming pool) for physical education classes of municipal schools is regulated by the director of the University Sports Centre and the municipal education authority. For large-scale school events (e.g. sports festivals), fees may be set by the director of the USZ.

Further information can be found in our fee schedule.